Summer Loving

Day 1 • The Beginning of Summer

It’s the first day of my summer and I’m too anxious to sit around and just relax… I decided to sit myself down and learn how to code.

I don’t want to waste away my summer with naps and binge watching, I don’t have a car or my license, so I’m stuck in this inevitable hole of staying at home. Which is great time to learn, read, and code!

Of course, I’m on my way to get that license and those internships but as of right now, God has blessed me with plenty of down time. And so now I’m challenging myself to fix that sleeping schedule, eat healthier, exercise more and just keep learning

Lamentations 3:22-23

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.


The Year of Trying New Things

Hello! Hello! Hello!

The following video is based on the recurring phrase within my friend group.

“It’s a year of trying new things! DO IT!”

Ever since Freshman year, we made a promise each year to do new things, try new things, learn new things…and so far it has worked out. I decided for my last video project to interview and ask about the “Year of Trying New Things”. What it means to them, what new things they did, and the new things they’ve learned from this year.

I believe that every year is a year to gain new experiences and learn from everything you do. College is not just a time to learn equations and theories for a degree but also a time to learn about your self and grow as a person.


What’s Up?

Heeeeey… What’s going on?

The journalism class I am taking this quarter is winding down but this does not mean that this blog is winding down! I mean, yes, posts will sometimes be infrequent but I will still be keeping up with this blog for my own pleasure.

This has been a pretty fun blog running but since this class is ending, I’ll soon be able to work on some new material for you guys and write non-required posts which makes everything even better!

I’ll have more time and more room for creativity so you won’t be seeing the last of me!

It’s been quite a wild ride running this blog. Creating material, interviewing peers and professors, running around and pausing to take random but great pictures. The blog has been quite an adventure, this quarter has been quite the rollercoaster but altogether, it has been AMAZING.

Yes, of course, my writing probably has improved… I hope. I’ve learned quite a lot from running this blog, from photoshop to Adobe PR to creating a SoundCloud account. And from this, I’m slowly growing an audience. Yes, I don’t have more than 400+ viewers but I’m still pretty surprised I got past 10 views (those 10 being me). But overall, I’ve gained some pretty cool comments explaining how they don’t really see College-Lifestyle blogs which is pretty great.

Down below, I’m going to ask a few of my fellow peer-bloggers to check out the blog and tell me how they think? Yeah!

PolyPups author Andi said that I did pretty well with my writing and my topic which is pretty flattering since sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing. (note the song)

A Video is coming! A VIDEO IS COMING

Hello my little stressed out lovelies!

It’s been a full year of homework, assignments, and projects and as of right now, it is going into finals week. Dun, Dun, DUUUUUN. I am extremely tired and chugging coffee by the pot.

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It’s okay though. This amazing year is almost over and there’s a lot to reflect upon.

That being said, I’m going to go around campus and make a video that reflects upon one main thing students learned within the year. No… I’m not talking about equations or theories, I’m talking about life lessons.

We all know that college is a place of learning academically but we forget it’s place where you learn the most about yourself and about life.

Within my wonderful group of friends, there has been recurring phrase “IT’S A YEAR OF TRYING NEW THINGS”.So let’s put that phrase to the test and let’s see the new things students around campus have tried and learned.

If you have anything, you’ve learned and want to share in this video message me! Any tips or suggestions? Message or comment! I’d love to get you guys involved!

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Stressed and Tired of School

Tired of school? So far, it’s been extremely busy the last few weeks and have been pretty crazy. Assignments here and projects there, random pop-up quizzes and a few exams placed randomly through the week. It’s a hectic week for all students, and I’m pretty sure others feel the same.

Five Reasons Why You NEED StayFocusd

1. StayFocusd helps you be productive by blocking out any distracting, time-wasting sites.

image (2)

2. StayFocusd allows you to block sites according to your schedule.

  • You can decide the days and times that the app will be active on your browser and it will automatically run. It also allows you to have “free” time, setting a specific allotted time to browsing distracting websites.
image (1)
screenshot by author

3. It LITERALLY challenges you to try and change your original settings.

  • If already in Active mode, you can adjust the app to require a challenge for you if you wanted to try and change a blocked or allowed website, etc.
image (3)
screenshot by author

4. It has a NUCLEAR option. NUCLEAR.

  • The nuclear option allows the person to completely block out all unwanted websites for a number of hours. It gives no option to cancel it once it is activated, forcing you to do work for the written time.
image (4)
screenshot by author

 5. YOU are in control.

  • With this app, you have to actually use it to be extremely effective and productive. It is only an aid for those who have the determination to get things done.
image2 (8)
photo by author

Alternatives to StayFocusd

Mac: SelfControl

Desktop: Cold Turkey