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Finals Week Procrastination: The Ten Deadly Sins

Kidding. Well, not really. They’re not sin, they’re more like mistakes. Today’s post toys with the the ten deadly distractions that everyone seems to face when you live it up in the library. When you spend more than ten hours in the library, how many hours do you spend actually studying. How many times have you caught yourself texting, checking your twitter feed, or jut taking a “stretch break” to go procrastinate in the bathroom.

“A distraction is anything that defers you from reaching your goal.” said Eric Cuyle, junior business admin.

Yes, the struggle is real. So here’s a slideshow to go with it.

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Survival 101: Spring and its deadly beauty


Sunny SLO// photo by author


Everyone knows that the spring is the deadliest among the quarter and semester systems.

Why? Because it is too beautiful for its own good. The sun is out, it’s quite warm, and people walk their pets around campus and that means petting adorable dogs. Dogs.

And while all of this happens, what are the college students doing? Studying, they’re exhausted and half-dead because that GPA isn’t going to raise itself. The past school year has been long and exhausting and all that’s left is the home run. But this time with fresh flowers, sunny days, beaches and dogs.

That’s why the spring quarter/semester is the hardest. There are so many opportunities for adventure and exploration, opportunities for hikes, beach trips, and fresh air to breathe. And here we are sitting behind these four walls.

It’s understandable, the struggle is real. And just because, here is advice for your struggle.

  1. Go on that adventure.

It’s spring quarter. You’ve been studying so hard and there’s only so much time you have to see everything while it’s at its peak. So go on that hike or that beach trip! Also, the fresh air can really do some good when you’ve been spending all your time inside.

  1. Make time for your friends.

You are all suffering. You need moral support from each other because you’re all in the same boat. College is hard and it’s better to study in groups during those long nights. Who else is going to slap some sense into you just as you crash and burn? Buy coffee and eat sweets as you cry for your term paper.

“Make sure you make the time to go out,” said Vivian Mac, Materials Engineering sophomore. “Cause like everything is warm and sunny and since it’s the last quarter you want to spend time with your friends before you all leave.”

  1. Make time for yourself.

Spent way too many hours with your class mates for that group project? Seen too many interesting people at 2 a.m. in the library? Make time to play those video games or use that LUSH bath bomb. Treat and de-stress yourself before the same impending feeling comes around next week.

  1. Power through it.

Power through it. (click the link and you’ll get the best Disney-spiring song) You’ve gotten this far this year you have this last inch of school to get through and then summer.  Listen to this guy, he speaks truth.

“Just power through it,” said Kenny Nguyen, Electrical Engineer freshman. “Because that’s why you’re at school to learn. And really if you’re gonna complain all about it that sounds like a personal problem.”

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food and sleep: the savannah time// photo by author

Just like Rihanna said, “work. work. work.” Because at this point, you’re almost there. Have fun and enjoy the remaining school year because each moment you spend is precious. And at last,  are some encouraging words from an encouraging professor.

“It’s spring! Summer is almost here. You got this. Finish the year strong. Remember that college is a journey and it will end sooner that you imagine,” said Saba Gerami, Professor of Mathematics of the College of Science and Math of Cal Poly.  “This is the best place to explore and get to know different people. Where else can you find all these amazing people with different backgrounds and passions? Have an open mind and an open heart.”

Naps for Class

What’s Going On.

The following post ‘Naps for Class’ was inspired by two wonderful articles from TIME and New York Times. The post surrounds the same subject and problem for all college students and I encourage my audience to read their articles, as well.


The subject is quite important for people of all ages and different populations, but the subject is supremely important for college students. College students of this generation happen to be one of the most sleep-deprived population, according to Campus Mind Works, and being aware of the importance of sleep for your mental and physical health, as well as your grades can change your college experience for the better.

The Lay Down


It’s a common fact that a majority of college students are sleep deprived. No matter what university, what major, or what classes they are taking, a majority of college students are so stressed or “too busy” to find time to rest.


But it’s important to find rest. Anywhere and at any time.


Image (1)
Naps with Savannah// Photo by Author

You can chug energy drinks and cups of coffee but the caffeine in them can only do so much to help you get that A. However, a good 20-60 minute nap can give you that rest that your brain needs to refresh itself.


Many colleges are realizing this too. A good number of universities are investing in MetroNaps’EnergyPod, these pods come with a timer and relaxing music that allow a student to rest from 20-30 minutes. Universities that can’t afford these luxury pods, invest in silent rooms where students can rest during those long nights.


According to a study in TIME, “poor sleep was found to be as powerful as binge drinking, and more powerful than marijuana, in predicting who would have academic problems.”


Please rest up. It’s important to get those Zzz’s if you want them A’s.

Survival Guide: Start the Quarter Right



Just as the school year begins, every student comes in with the same attitude: “I’m totally going to ace this quarter. I swear I’ll do so well, I’ll even have the perfect sleep schedule.”

But in reality, that truly never happens.

“It’s only the second week and I’m dying,” said Vivian Mac, a Materials Engineering sophomore. “We just came back and midterms are literally next week.”

College is a stressful environment. Everyone knows that. However, the quarter system makes everything even more stressful. The quarter system is this hell bent system that pushes students to learn an entire course of information in only ten weeks. Yes, this grueling system is so fast it puts the Flash to shame. Altogether, this fast paced system gives professors back pains and leaves students tear stained.

But the solution to a successful quarter all comes down to these few questions: How can we beat the system? How can we barely survive this disastrous fate of coffee-induced papers written at 4 a.m. and tear stained cheat sheets crammed with every formula, equation, and rule?

It’s simple. It all begins in the syllabus week.

“Staying organized has to be a number 1 priority in the very beginning, especially because the quarter moves so fast. It’s easy to fall behind but it makes life easier if you make a plan and stick to it. Even planning a day at a time makes a huge difference,” said Clarisse Wangeline, English Sophomore.

Here are 3 tips and tricks to starting your quarter right.

  1. When you get the syllabus, always read the entire syllabus.
    • It gives you the need to know information on percentage of grades, dates of assignments and exams, office hours and etc.
    • It allows you to analyze what is important and what isn’t, what counts towards your grade and what you can skip over.
    • It aids professor in answering almost every repetitive question every student has in their mind. Office hours? Syllabus. Contact information? Syllabus. What days they’ll be absent? Syllabus.


Planner// photo by author

2. Keep a planner.

  • Keeping a planner keeps you organized. The minute you get your syllabus from all your classes, fill it with all your scheduled exams, projects, and papers. The planner keeps you on top of all your assignments and lets you see your exams from a mile away. Investing in a good planner or even making your own can make all the difference in the world. (i.e. this planner or DIY planner)
  • Keeping a planner not only helps with your school work, a planner can help with your social life. Keeping a planner means balancing your time between school work and your social life wisely

3. Socialize.

  • A simple “Hello!” in the beginning of class to the person beside you can make a difference in both your social life and your grade. By gaining a friend in class, you have access to their notes and a study buddy.


late night studying// photo by author


Being organized and prepared makes a huge difference in your experience as a college student. It determines what you get to do and what you have to spend your time on. By balancing your time and starting things right, it’s more likely you’ll have a great college experience.

I hope this helps you to a start of a great quarter. Good luck on the first few weeks of college!

Stress for Success: The Beginning

Image of Vivian Mac by KayVelo


Welcome to Stress for Success!


It’s quite common to feel stressed and overwhelmed in the midst of all the assignments, projects, and exams. After all, college is quite a roller coaster. Stress for Success is a tips and tricks, survival guide for your journey throughout college. From note taking for your dreadful 8 a.m. to dealing with the anxieties of midterms and finals week, Stress for Success will serve as a personal handbook for the 4+ years of adventure we call college.

Concerning the content of the blog. Stress for Success will be thematically similar to the blogs like the Organized Student and Study Inspiration. Stress for Success will hold similar inspiring images, tips, tricks, and advice. However, the writing style can be compared to Festival Freaks but with a similar set up and organization of Staying Lean & Green and Bits of Creativity.