Stressed and Tired of School

Tired of school? So far, it’s been extremely busy the last few weeks and have been pretty crazy. Assignments here and projects there, random pop-up quizzes and a few exams placed randomly through the week. It’s a hectic week for all students, and I’m pretty sure others feel the same.


Marty and the Adventures of Learning

The other day, I decided to interview Marty Kaliski, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at Cal Poly and find out more about him.

He’s 70 years old and still rocking in school.

Five Reasons Why You NEED StayFocusd

1. StayFocusd helps you be productive by blocking out any distracting, time-wasting sites.

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2. StayFocusd allows you to block sites according to your schedule.

  • You can decide the days and times that the app will be active on your browser and it will automatically run. It also allows you to have “free” time, setting a specific allotted time to browsing distracting websites.
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screenshot by author

3. It LITERALLY challenges you to try and change your original settings.

  • If already in Active mode, you can adjust the app to require a challenge for you if you wanted to try and change a blocked or allowed website, etc.
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screenshot by author

4. It has a NUCLEAR option. NUCLEAR.

  • The nuclear option allows the person to completely block out all unwanted websites for a number of hours. It gives no option to cancel it once it is activated, forcing you to do work for the written time.
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screenshot by author

 5. YOU are in control.

  • With this app, you have to actually use it to be extremely effective and productive. It is only an aid for those who have the determination to get things done.
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Alternatives to StayFocusd

Mac: SelfControl

Desktop: Cold Turkey



Stress: The Good, The Bad, and How to Deal

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light at the end of the lib// photo by author

Face it. Stress is inevitable. You are bound to stress out the minute you wake up and get out of bed.

Lately these weeks have been getting busier and busier, these days have been getting longer and longer, these eyes are growing and tired and this body has become restless. It’s the stress from work that makes you pull your hair, the stress from school that makes you sigh, and just the stress from life that makes you cry.

The Difference between Good Stress and Bad Stress

You have to understand that the good stress motivates you, it makes you get yo ur life together and start working. Without good stress, you can imagine that there wouldn’t be much work done. Sure, there’s an assignment due at midnight and there’s some reading that needs to be done by next class but those are manageable tasks.

The bad stress is something much different. The bad stress makes you want to cry, rip out your hair, and not do work at all. The bad stress makes you feel so overwhelmed that you’re sick to your stomach. It makes you feel like you can’t breathe and you can’t focus.

What I’m trying to say is that there’s a good amount of stress that is beneficial to your daily life. The overwhelming stress can’t and won’t help you at all and stressing to the point of a mental break down won’t get you anywhere.

Remember, stress is inevitable but you do have control over what you stress over and how much you stress about it.

How To Deal

With this, here are some tips and advice to remember from some professional stressed out procrastinators who can relate to your struggles on the super-saiyan spiritual level.

1. It’s not worth it. 

  • The stress and the worry, of course. Continually stressing and worrying won’t help or get anything done. The only thing that it can do is make you more worried and stressed out to the point where you end up crying on the kitchen floor eating the half-tub of freezer burned ice cream.

“Let it go. Just let it go. Finals week and every week is that time where I’m just so stressed out and I feel like I’m not getting anything done. It all just seems so so important but after I realize that it’s not all that important,” said Emily Scates, History sophomore.

2. Stay organized. Stay on top. 

  • It’s understandable that once you get caught up in the moment, it’s difficult to keep organized and keep track of time. But especially in these harder, more difficult times stay organized and keep track of time. It is amazing how much less stressful life is when you can visually see how many tasks you need to do and when to do them by. Your mind gets so boggled down when you think you have so much to do but it’s the simple things like writing those tasks down, that changes things.

“Try to keep on top of your schedule when you know you have upcoming assignments due. It’s easier said than done.” said Sarah Bridger, professor of history at Cal Poly.

3. Make time for yourself. Find motivation.  

  • The importance of finding time of yourself. Yes, this blog emphasizes greatly on time for yourself… but it is important. Finding time to yourself gives you the time to breathe, reflect, and find more motivation. It’s important to get a grip on your emotions and understand that this stress is only temporary.

“A lot of times I feel that I put too much emphasis on the importance or difficulty of something I’m doing.Yes, it’s important to do my best in everything I do, but in the large scope of life,  I believe God’s got everything under control.” said Eric Cuyle, business admin junior.

It’s a cheesy and stupid reminder… but in the end all this stress is temporary. Sure, finals week and midterms week is pretty important. Of course, you should do your very best during this time. But just remember to breathe cause breathing is pretty important.

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College v. High School: Friendships


Like all these new changes to this blog, I’ve decided to start my new series of College v. High School which is basically an opinion piece on the differences of College and High School from friendships to professors and classes. I’m going to try and insert an CvHS once a week or whenever I get a chance… so here it goes!

College v. High School

College and High school are two very different things and there’s nothing you can really do to prepare for this change in your life except embracing it. Yes, for all you soon to be college freshman, embrace the change because there is nothing stopping it. It’s going to come whether you like it or not.


Some friendships are going to last, some are going to whither away and die. Harsh, but it’s the truth. It’s reality because people grow apart and people grow up. Now, I’m not saying it’s a shame to keep all your high school friends and hang out with them all the time cause that’s definitely not the case.

I remember in freshman year of college, I had one professor who told us that when you get into college you experience different things, meet new people, and grow as a person. And with these changes, it’s harder to come back from college and talk to high school friends and act as nothing has changed.

For those of us in college, we’ve experienced this pain. For those of you who are about to enter college, you will soon.

This is okay. This is fine.Why? Because this is normal.

Friendships come and go and the people who were meant to be with you from beginning to end will be with you from beginning to end. Those who weren’t will slowly fade into the background of your busy life.

Just remember that in college, you reap what you sow. This means that when you work hard and study hard you get those good grades in the end. This also applies to constant socializing and communicating with others, the more people you know and meet, the more chances you can build relationships with others.

This doesn’t mean that you’re replacing your high school friends or anything, it just means you’re meeting new people who are going on a similar journey as you are. Meaning there’s a better chance they’ll understand your struggle and hardships throughout your college experience.

In the end, don’t be afraid when high school ends that you’re life is going to ruins, and that everyone you love and care for at home will never see you ever again… because that’s not going to happen. Just keep in mind that those who were meant to be with you till the very end, will stay with you till the very end. And in that friendship, you both make the effort to keep that way. And those who don’t make that effort… well let’s just say they just aren’t worth the tears.

Disclaimer: This is an IMO: “in my opinion”piece.

Finals Week: What kind of student are you?

Good Afternooooon!

Today, I have brought you a little cute quiz! Full of questions that lets you find out what kind of student you happened to be. You can either use this little quiz to help you stay constant in your work or help motivate you to be a better student. Let this quiz help you out and give you a small little study break.

Click the image below to find out what kind of student you are!


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Update: How Am I Doing?

Good Morning everyone! Right now, it can only be considered as really early morning or really late night, but either way… Hello!

I’ve been working on this blog for about one month and although this has only been for a class and grade, I’ve grown attached to it and obsessed with my new personal studyblr. I’ve had some certain posts that I’ve been scratching up and I’m excited to share it with you guys… so look out for them.

As of right now, it’s evaluation time and with this I’ve asked many classmates, peers, and some random people to look at this blog and give any feedback; nice or not. Because this blog is dedicated to my audience and I want to continually improve this blog.

I haven’t done much to promote this blog other than to tell my friends to check it out, but I’m working on improving that and sharing it on my personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

1. Theme! Theme! Theme!

I’ve made some recent changes to the theme for better accessibility and general reading. In my previous theme, the balloons were entertaining and cute but now we’re in the big leagues and quality content triumphs balloons.

From the wonderful bloggers, Hayley from EspresSLO and Andi from PolyPups, to change up the structure! The clumped paragraphs and constant scrolling is a pain. And no one wants continuous scrolling because once you refresh you’re back at the top and it’s a definite struggle.

The blogger of Weekend Wellness suggested that I should vary up the pictures and change the sizes because images that take up the entire screen is just weird.

So to respond to that, I decided to change the theme, so yaaas slay new theme.

2. Be adventurous! Variations! Change! YAAS!

I’ve been told by another brilliant blogger, Charlotte from StaycationSLO, to change it up and make lists, use bold lettering, and break up paragraphs. This is going to help to get to the meat of the article and if you’re in hurry, help with quick glances! So expect more Buzzfeed-esque posts because everyone knows that Buzzfeed is the definite leader in student procrastination.

Another suggestion from reader Amy, is to not to be afraid to change up with greetings, quotes, tags and things like that. So I’ll definitely work on changing it up and spicing things up a little bit.

3. Suggestions and Series!

By readers Claire and Vivian, they wanted to suggest certain ideas or posts that I can write about. Though this goes along the lines of being adventurous and trying things new, I’d love suggestion and ideas that you guys want to see on this blog.

Overall, I’d love to hear YOUR feedback about this blog. Critical comments are gladly accepted and welcome. So pretty please with a cherry on top, message me or comment on what you think I can do and improve!