What’s Up?

Heeeeey… What’s going on?

The journalism class I am taking this quarter is winding down but this does not mean that this blog is winding down! I mean, yes, posts will sometimes be infrequent but I will still be keeping up with this blog for my own pleasure.

This has been a pretty fun blog running but since this class is ending, I’ll soon be able to work on some new material for you guys and write non-required posts which makes everything even better!

I’ll have more time and more room for creativity so you won’t be seeing the last of me!

It’s been quite a wild ride running this blog. Creating material, interviewing peers and professors, running around and pausing to take random but great pictures. The blog has been quite an adventure, this quarter has been quite the rollercoaster but altogether, it has been AMAZING.

Yes, of course, my writing probably has improved… I hope. I’ve learned quite a lot from running this blog, from photoshop to Adobe PR to creating a SoundCloud account. And from this, I’m slowly growing an audience. Yes, I don’t have more than 400+ viewers but I’m still pretty surprised I got past 10 views (those 10 being me). But overall, I’ve gained some pretty cool comments explaining how they don’t really see College-Lifestyle blogs which is pretty great.

Down below, I’m going to ask a few of my fellow peer-bloggers to check out the blog and tell me how they think? Yeah!

PolyPups author Andi said that I did pretty well with my writing and my topic which is pretty flattering since sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing. (note the song)


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