College v. High School: Friendships


Like all these new changes to this blog, I’ve decided to start my new series of College v. High School which is basically an opinion piece on the differences of College and High School from friendships to professors and classes. I’m going to try and insert an CvHS once a week or whenever I get a chance… so here it goes!

College v. High School

College and High school are two very different things and there’s nothing you can really do to prepare for this change in your life except embracing it. Yes, for all you soon to be college freshman, embrace the change because there is nothing stopping it. It’s going to come whether you like it or not.


Some friendships are going to last, some are going to whither away and die. Harsh, but it’s the truth. It’s reality because people grow apart and people grow up. Now, I’m not saying it’s a shame to keep all your high school friends and hang out with them all the time cause that’s definitely not the case.

I remember in freshman year of college, I had one professor who told us that when you get into college you experience different things, meet new people, and grow as a person. And with these changes, it’s harder to come back from college and talk to high school friends and act as nothing has changed.

For those of us in college, we’ve experienced this pain. For those of you who are about to enter college, you will soon.

This is okay. This is fine.Why? Because this is normal.

Friendships come and go and the people who were meant to be with you from beginning to end will be with you from beginning to end. Those who weren’t will slowly fade into the background of your busy life.

Just remember that in college, you reap what you sow. This means that when you work hard and study hard you get those good grades in the end. This also applies to constant socializing and communicating with others, the more people you know and meet, the more chances you can build relationships with others.

This doesn’t mean that you’re replacing your high school friends or anything, it just means you’re meeting new people who are going on a similar journey as you are. Meaning there’s a better chance they’ll understand your struggle and hardships throughout your college experience.

In the end, don’t be afraid when high school ends that you’re life is going to ruins, and that everyone you love and care for at home will never see you ever again… because that’s not going to happen. Just keep in mind that those who were meant to be with you till the very end, will stay with you till the very end. And in that friendship, you both make the effort to keep that way. And those who don’t make that effort… well let’s just say they just aren’t worth the tears.

Disclaimer: This is an IMO: “in my opinion”piece.


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One thought on “College v. High School: Friendships”

  1. College life is best 😀 I enjoyed a lot with my college friends. I agree with your idea that people come and go in our life but we must keep sincere people closer..


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