Update: How Am I Doing?

Good Morning everyone! Right now, it can only be considered as really early morning or really late night, but either way… Hello!

I’ve been working on this blog for about one month and although this has only been for a class and grade, I’ve grown attached to it and obsessed with my new personal studyblr. I’ve had some certain posts that I’ve been scratching up and I’m excited to share it with you guys… so look out for them.

As of right now, it’s evaluation time and with this I’ve asked many classmates, peers, and some random people to look at this blog and give any feedback; nice or not. Because this blog is dedicated to my audience and I want to continually improve this blog.

I haven’t done much to promote this blog other than to tell my friends to check it out, but I’m working on improving that and sharing it on my personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

1. Theme! Theme! Theme!

I’ve made some recent changes to the theme for better accessibility and general reading. In my previous theme, the balloons were entertaining and cute but now we’re in the big leagues and quality content triumphs balloons.

From the wonderful bloggers, Hayley from EspresSLO and Andi from PolyPups, to change up the structure! The clumped paragraphs and constant scrolling is a pain. And no one wants continuous scrolling because once you refresh you’re back at the top and it’s a definite struggle.

The blogger of Weekend Wellness suggested that I should vary up the pictures and change the sizes because images that take up the entire screen is just weird.

So to respond to that, I decided to change the theme, so yaaas slay new theme.

2. Be adventurous! Variations! Change! YAAS!

I’ve been told by another brilliant blogger, Charlotte from StaycationSLO, to change it up and make lists, use bold lettering, and break up paragraphs. This is going to help to get to the meat of the article and if you’re in hurry, help with quick glances! So expect more Buzzfeed-esque posts because everyone knows that Buzzfeed is the definite leader in student procrastination.

Another suggestion from reader Amy, is to not to be afraid to change up with greetings, quotes, tags and things like that. So I’ll definitely work on changing it up and spicing things up a little bit.

3. Suggestions and Series!

By readers Claire and Vivian, they wanted to suggest certain ideas or posts that I can write about. Though this goes along the lines of being adventurous and trying things new, I’d love suggestion and ideas that you guys want to see on this blog.

Overall, I’d love to hear YOUR feedback about this blog. Critical comments are gladly accepted and welcome. So pretty please with a cherry on top, message me or comment on what you think I can do and improve!



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