Survival 101: Spring and its deadly beauty


Sunny SLO// photo by author


Everyone knows that the spring is the deadliest among the quarter and semester systems.

Why? Because it is too beautiful for its own good. The sun is out, it’s quite warm, and people walk their pets around campus and that means petting adorable dogs. Dogs.

And while all of this happens, what are the college students doing? Studying, they’re exhausted and half-dead because that GPA isn’t going to raise itself. The past school year has been long and exhausting and all that’s left is the home run. But this time with fresh flowers, sunny days, beaches and dogs.

That’s why the spring quarter/semester is the hardest. There are so many opportunities for adventure and exploration, opportunities for hikes, beach trips, and fresh air to breathe. And here we are sitting behind these four walls.

It’s understandable, the struggle is real. And just because, here is advice for your struggle.

  1. Go on that adventure.

It’s spring quarter. You’ve been studying so hard and there’s only so much time you have to see everything while it’s at its peak. So go on that hike or that beach trip! Also, the fresh air can really do some good when you’ve been spending all your time inside.

  1. Make time for your friends.

You are all suffering. You need moral support from each other because you’re all in the same boat. College is hard and it’s better to study in groups during those long nights. Who else is going to slap some sense into you just as you crash and burn? Buy coffee and eat sweets as you cry for your term paper.

“Make sure you make the time to go out,” said Vivian Mac, Materials Engineering sophomore. “Cause like everything is warm and sunny and since it’s the last quarter you want to spend time with your friends before you all leave.”

  1. Make time for yourself.

Spent way too many hours with your class mates for that group project? Seen too many interesting people at 2 a.m. in the library? Make time to play those video games or use that LUSH bath bomb. Treat and de-stress yourself before the same impending feeling comes around next week.

  1. Power through it.

Power through it. (click the link and you’ll get the best Disney-spiring song) You’ve gotten this far this year you have this last inch of school to get through and then summer.  Listen to this guy, he speaks truth.

“Just power through it,” said Kenny Nguyen, Electrical Engineer freshman. “Because that’s why you’re at school to learn. And really if you’re gonna complain all about it that sounds like a personal problem.”

Image (1)
food and sleep: the savannah time// photo by author

Just like Rihanna said, “work. work. work.” Because at this point, you’re almost there. Have fun and enjoy the remaining school year because each moment you spend is precious. And at last,  are some encouraging words from an encouraging professor.

“It’s spring! Summer is almost here. You got this. Finish the year strong. Remember that college is a journey and it will end sooner that you imagine,” said Saba Gerami, Professor of Mathematics of the College of Science and Math of Cal Poly.  “This is the best place to explore and get to know different people. Where else can you find all these amazing people with different backgrounds and passions? Have an open mind and an open heart.”


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